5 11 2014

Beberapa bulan terakhir Mokamula terus melakukan terobosan-terobosan secara terus menerus, dan pada bulan November ini Mokamula mengeluarkan lagi edisi terbarunya, dengan design yang makin OKE bakal membuat konsumen makin bingung untuk memilih yang mana karena semuanya baguuuussss…..cekidot……

Katalog Mokamula Hal.2

Katalog Mokamula Hal.1

Daftar moka mula november rilist

1. Mokamula Grape Lotus

2. Mokamula Dark Brown Batterfly

3. Mokamula Black Dragonfly

4. Mokamula Black Virtue

5. Mokamula Black fancy

6. Mokamula Emerald Leone

7. Mokamula Jade Jani

8. Mokamula Jade Folium

9. Mokamula Jade Asteca

10. Mokamula Grey Inaya

11.Mokamula Grey Spot

12.Mokamula Grey Ouval

13.Mokamula Dark Grey Hostoa

14.Mokamula Dark Grey Thelma

15.Mokamula Dark Grey Krila

16.Mokamula Bronze Brown Mocca

17.Mokamula Bonze Brown Gorgeus

18.Mokamula Bronze Brown Palmeira

19.Mokamula Chocolate Memphis

20.Mokamula Chocolate Adele

21.Mokamula Chocolate Precious

22.Mokamula Tan Gambo

23.Mokamula Tan Bostwana

24.Mokamula Tan Nearby

25.Mokamula Blue Haura

26.Blue Nayla

27.Mokamula Blue pane

28.Mokamula Navy Naura

29.Mokamula Navy Zihan

30.Mokamula Navy Frozen

31.Mokamula Maroon Papilio

32.Mokamula Maroon Trocadera

33.Mokamula Maroon Manioca

34.Mokamula Ferrari Dainty

35.Mokamula Ferrari Almeria

36.Mokamula Ferrari sense

37.Mokamula Zapote Tasty

38.Mokamula Zapote Evony

39.Mokamula Zapote Sugar Leaf

40.Mokamula Mulberry Dahon

41.Mokamula Mulberry majani

42.Mokamula Mulberri Khufu

43.Mokamula Lemon Legacy

44.Mokamula Lemon Guinea

45.Mokamula Lemon Binary

46.Mokamula Black Element

47.Mokamula Black Rotund

48.Mokamula Black Snail

49.Mokamula Blue Bolly

50.Mokamula Blue leaf

51.Mokamula Blue zyfa

52.Mokamula Blue Foglia

53.Mokamula Bronze Elegant

54.Mokamula Bronze Heliko

55.Mokamula Bronze Mamuth

56.Mokamula Bronze Swell

57.Mokamula Chocolate Blate

58.Mokamula Chocolate Chocolarva

59.Mokamula Chocolate Khotak

60.Mokamula Chocolate Osvastis

61.Mokamula Dark Grey Manibus

62.Mokamula Dark Grey Twister

63.Mokamula Emerald Folium

64.Mokamula Emerald Azteca

65.Mokamula Grape Helix

66.Mokamula Grape Pohs

67.Mokamula Grey Laguna

68.Mokamula Lemon Scatola

69.Mokamula Maroon Cruve

70.Mokamula Maroon Cyclone

71.Mokamula Maroon Disco

72.Mokamula Maroon Maple

73.Mokamula Navy Fancy

74.Mokamula Navy Gracia

75.Mokamula Navy Kohan

76.Mokamula Navy Paceta

77.Mokamula Navy Sense

78.Mokamula Tan Milky Way

79.Mokamula Tan Orchid

80.Mokamula Tan Quan

81.Mokamula Zapote Bamboo

82.Mokamula Zapote Lemon Grass

83.Mokamula Zapote Lingua

84.Mokamula Zapote Triangulum

85.Mokamula Grey Inaya

86.Mokamula Bronze Brown Palmeria

87.Mokamula Chocolate Memphis

88.Mokamula Tan Bostwana

89.Mokamula Blue Haura

90.Mokamula Blue Nayla

91.Mokamula Navy Naura

92.Mokamula Navy Zhan

93.Mokamula Maroon Trocadera

94.Mokamula Zapote Evony

95.Mokamula Lemon Guinea

96.Mokamula Grape Lotus

97.Mokamula Dark Brown Butterfly

98.Mokamula Black Dragonfly

99.Mokamula Emerald Leone




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24 12 2015
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